New Zealand Learning Stories Presentations


Jennifer, Silvia and I, presented at the NZ Inspire Study Tour on my research and our work with Learning Stories at California State University, Channel Islands Early Childhood Studies program.


Wendy, Annie, Silvia, Margie, and Jennifer. A mighty fortress of passion and care for young children and families.


Wendy Lee, offered her wisdom and experience with Learning Stories. Wendy peeled back layers, sharing deeply and authentically about Learning Stories, teachers as learners, co-collaborators with children, families, and community. She has has stirred once again, the cauldron, in the fire in my belly. I am compelled to resist and persist, to implement Learning Stories in the US, through more authentic formative assessment practice. My hope is renewed. We can learn so much from NZ, who has paved the way, demonstrating the possibilities of this powerful, narrative approach of deep documentation and dialogue. Thank you Wendy!